MiniDV Hi8 8mm VHS Betamax MicroMV DVD
Type Digital Analog Analog Analog Analog Digital Digital
Quality Highest quality availible Good Poor Poor Better than VHS Good Very good
Lines of Resolution 500 400 240 240 740x480*
Size Small Same as 8mm Smaller than VHS Large Smaller than VHS Very Small CD shape
Use 1995 to Present 1989 to present 1984 to 1976 to Present 1975 to 1998 2002 to Present 1995 to Present
Pros High quality; small size, easily edited High quality; small size Inexpensive; small size Inexpensive; non proprietary Best quality and smallest at the time Very small size; good quality High quality; plays in DVD players
Cons Relitivly expensive Analog Low quality Large size; low quality Proprietary format Proprietary format; lower quality, harder to edit than MiniDV Expensive, large camcorders; hard to edit

To Do: Add digital 8 (see the discussion page)